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  • New impressions of an edition of a printed publication using the same setting-up of type or plates of the original, or articles, chapters, or other portions of previously published larger works, printed separately subsequent to the original publication, usually but not always from the original type or plates.

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Robert Abbe papers and reprints

  • US AA007
  • Collection
  • 1888-1928

This small collection, (inclusive dates: 1888-1928), is comprised primarily of eight folders of reprints of Abbe's published articles on a variety of medical case studies, and a number of reprint articles about Abbe by others (1 folder). The remaining twelve folders include: an address by Abbe to soldiers leaving for World War I from Maine; a 70th birthday dinner menu, and a bound volume of transcriptions of congratulatory letters on the same occasion; out-going letters to nephew Hubert Howson and niece Helen Louise Howson, Robert Abbe MacKenzie, a distant relative and namesake, and Carrie Bath, the St. Luke's Director of Nursing, recommending two Bar Harbor, Maine women for the program; an article on his donation of artifacts of prominent medical figures to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia; several small drawings and doggerel ("comic verse composed in irregular rhythm") by Abbe; recollections of him by Robert Abbe MacKenzie; a memorial book of quotes from Abbe's writings; and a few photographs including formal portraits of Abbe, and prints of images he made of his family in Maine, taken from Lumiere autochrome plates, as well as the original autochrome plates. Note that the photographs have been removed from the collection and added to the Mount Sinai Archives Photograph Collection, and need to be requested separately for viewing.

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The Surgical Contributions of Dougal Bissell, MD

This volume, labeled The Surgical Contributions of Dougal Bissell, MD, includes a preface from Encyclopedia of American Biography and various reprints of his published articles focusing on gynecological issues. It also includes the first issue of "The Bulletin of the Woman's Hospital," dated June 1912. Dr. Bissell was an Attending Surgeon at Woman's Hospital.

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