Medical Staff, Hospital




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  • Professional medical personnel approved to provide care to patients in a hospital.

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  • Medical Subject Headings

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Términos jerárquicos

Medical Staff, Hospital

Término General Medical Staff

Medical Staff, Hospital

Términos equivalentes

Medical Staff, Hospital

  • Usado para Attending Physician, Hospital
  • Usado para Attending Physicians, Hospital
  • Usado para Hospital Attending Physician
  • Usado para Hospital Attending Physicians
  • Usado para Hospital Medical Staff
  • Usado para Hospital Medical Staffs
  • Usado para Medical Staffs, Hospital
  • Usado para Physicians, Junior
  • Usado para Registrars, Hospital

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Medical Staff, Hospital

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Board of Trustees minutes

This series includes bound and unbound minutes from the Board of Trustees of The Mount Sinai Hospital. There are also some Executive Committee minutes found here after the 1940s. This series includes the Board and Executive Committee only. The minutes of the full Board are complete from 1852. The Executive Committee minutes are included after the 1940s. During the period 1998-2001, minutes may also be found with the minutes of Mount Sinai New York University Health.

Medical Board of The Mount Sinai Hospital minutes

The minutes are complete from 1872. Beginning in 1967, agenda and accompanying material are also available. These are the minutes of the full Medical Board, as well as the Executive Committee.

Volume 1 includes correspondence, lists of staff, manuals, etc. There is a gap from 11/1873-6/1874, but no pages are missing. There are no minutes for 1913-1918. Later Medical Board minutes for 1987 on are contained in the Medical Board Agenda series.

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