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A Major Report

  • US AA086
  • Collection
  • 1979-2003

Promotional newsletter edited by Alfred N. Brandon containing recently published books and updates to the Brandon-Hill List.

Majors Scientific Books, Inc.

Abraham Jacobi letters relating to Mount Sinai Hospital, New York

  • US AA003
  • Collection
  • 1879-1901

This collection contains scanned facsimiles of manuscripts held in the collection of the Historical Medical Library of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, reproduced here with the Library's permission. Details regarding the original collection are available at the Historical Medical Library's website.

The majority of these letters deal with the staffing and management of Mount Sinai's Out-Door Department, the hospital dispensary, which Jacobi oversaw as Chairman of the Supervising Committee. The collection includes a copy of the Department's rules and regulations from the early 1880s. The collection also contains two letters regarding Jacobi's resignation as Attending Physician and his advancement to the newly created position of Consulting Physician.

Jacobi, A. (Abraham), 1830-1919

Albert S. Lyons, MD papers

  • US AA032
  • Collection
  • 1932-2000

The Albert S. Lyons Papers consist primarily of the professional records of Dr. Albert S. Lyons and of the ostomate self-help groups with which he was involved. The collection is organized into nine series. Series 1, Correspondence, contains personal and professional correspondence. Series 2, Writings, contains published and unpublished articles, lectures and reviews. Series 3, Professional Associations, contains the records of Dr. Lyons' involvement in numerous professional organizations, including the American Cancer Society, the American College of Gastroenterology, the Medical Society of the State of New York, the New York Surgical Society, the Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract, and the Physicians' Wine Appreciation Society. Series 4, Project Files, contains files on research projects both within and outside the field of medicine, including several surgical and medical projects and a wide range of proposed books. Series 5, Oral History, contains records related to the study and practice of oral history and consists primarily of material from the Oral History Association's annual colloquia. Series 6, History of Medicine, contains records related to Dr. Lyons's work in medical history, including material related to the book Medicine: An Illustrated History and the records of Dr. Lyons's activities as a teacher of medical history at Mount Sinai. Series 7, Subject Files, contains subject files on a wide variety of topics, including material related to the creation of the Mount Sinai Archives and the records of Dr. Lyons's service at a number of New York City hospitals. Series 8, Ostomies & Ostomy Associations, consists of material related to ostomy patient self-help groups and to ostomies in general. It contains an extensive collection of material related to the United Ostomy Association, smaller files of material on local and regional ostomy groups, subject files, and collections of periodicals, vendor publications and miscellaneous literature. Finally, Series 9, Plaques, Slides and Oversized Material, contains oversized and artifactual material including diplomas, professional certificates, presentation slides and honorary plaques.

Lyons, Albert S., 1912-2006

Alexander B. Gutman glass slides on Paget's disease

  • US AA129
  • Collection
  • circa 1940-1960

This series includes images of charts, graphs and patients, including depictions of Paget's Disease, and hyperparathyroidism. These were used in lectures. There are also five black and white photographs and one name plate (from office door?).

Gutman, Alexander B.

Architectural plans and blueprints of Blumenthal Cottage

  • US AA135
  • Collection

The Blumenthal Cottage was established in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State by Hugo Blumenthal. It served as a place where nurses could go to rest or recover from tuberculosis. Mr. Blumenthal was a Trustee on both The Mount Sinai Hospital and The Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing boards. Plans by Scopes and Feustmann, Architects.

Scopes and Feustmann

Arpad G. Gerster private practice patient records

  • US AA005
  • Collection
  • 1881-1923

This collection contains the private practice records of Dr. Arpad G. C. Gerster. They span almost his entire career as a surgeon in New York City, from 1881-1923. These records are contained in three bound volumes and five boxes. The patient cards were received in three wooden boxes.
The volumes, which were personalized for Dr. Gerster, contain chronological patient records from January 1, 1881 to July 24, 1906. Each patient record has pre-printed slots for the following information: date, age, name and dwelling, business and nativity, diagnosis, treatment, and remarks. Dr. Gerster completed these categories. However, he often had little or nothing to say under 'remarks' and sometimes did not include 'age.' 'Business' was included less often in later years. Presumably, comments under 'treatment' were not completed when not necessary.
The first volume is entirely in German (except for Latin diagnoses). Some of the early entries in the second volume are in English, and by 1892 they are primarily in English. In the front of each volume is an alphabetical index to patients' case records. The last entry in the third volume is on July 24, 1906.
There is a three year gap between the bound volumes of patient records and the first case in the file boxes, which commences on July 26, 1909. Here, cases numbered from 1 - 442 were recorded on pre-printed cards. Some additional questions are included on these cards. These include: civil state, family history, personal history, previous diseases, date of operation, operator, assistant, anesthetist, anaesthetic, amount and examination of urine (chart to be filled in). On the reverse side are pre-printed anatomical drawings for further notations. These forms were clearly meant for use with patients expecting a surgical procedure. However, these cards were often not completed as many patients did not require surgery. Beginning with case number 444 (January 1911) Dr. Gerster ran out of the pre-printed forms and used plain paper to record his patient information. These records reflect the same information as that on the preprinted cards, however they are more difficult to read.
The patient records reflect a private practice of the time. Although Dr. Gerster functioned as a general physician, his practice revealed a bias towards surgically treatable patients. At this time, it would have been difficult to have an exclusively surgical practice because there would not have been enough business to support it. However, because of Dr. Gerster's abilities and prominence, he came as close as possible to having such a practice. Over the span of the records, the types of cases did not show any significant shift in character. The cases have a great deal of variety. Included among the many diagnoses were rheumatoid arthritis, alcoholic hepatitis, acute nephritis, chronic gastritis, double cleft palate, eczema, inguinal hernia, syphilis, vulva cutis, pulmonary tuberculosis, arteriosclerosis, uterine hemorrhage, and many others.
There are a variety of inserts and attachments found throughout the patient records. These include sketches by Dr. Gerster illustrating ailments and abnormalities of patients; correspondence from physicians introducing patients (a number of these are from out of state and many are not in English); pathology lab reports from both the German Hospital and Mount Sinai regarding excised tissue; correspondence from patients; and two radiographic images. (These images are located in: Case Book Number 3, April 17, 1901, and Card File Box 1, in front of Case 104.)
Private patient records such as these are probably uncommon in hospital archives since they do not directly relate to hospital practice. These records are especially interesting because they occur during a period when surgery became safer and more common and when the rise and dominance of surgery as a method of treatment was seen. Additionally, they are of interest because they are the records of Dr. Gerster, an influential and prominent surgeon during his time.
Dr. Gerster's notes end with case number 3670 on February 23, 1923. The patient records continue to October 27, 1923. An unidentified physician apparently took over Gerster's practice shortly before his (Gerster's) death on March 11, 1923.

Gerster, Arpad G. (Arpad Geyza), 1848-1923

Arthur H. Aufses certificates

  • US AA132
  • Collection
  • 1923

This series includes two certificates: one from The Mount Sinai Hospital when Dr. Aufses completed his service on the Mount Sinai House Staff in 1923. The other marks his election to The New York Academy of Medicine in 1937.

Aufses, Arthur H. (Arthur Harold)

Arthur H. Aufses, Jr., MD papers

  • US AA058
  • Collection
  • 1951-2016

This collection has two series. The first series is composed of files that were created as part of the research process for the writing of two books about the history of Mount Sinai: This House of Noble Deeds: Mount Sinai Hospital, 1852-2002 (NYU Press, 2002) and Teaching Tomorrow's Medicine Today: the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 1963-2003 (NYU Press, 2005), both co-authored with Barbara J. Niss. This series includes a small collection of files relating to the contracts with New York University Press and the publication of the books and the research files themselves. Material that had been obtained from the collections of The Mount Sinai Archives has been removed as it can be found in its original form in the Archives.

The second series consists of general files created or received by Dr. Aufses over his later career after he stepped down from the Chairmanship of the Department of Surgery. This includes some files from his service as the Acting Chairman of the Health Policy Department from December 1, 2007 through September 2008 after Mark Chasson, MD left Mount Sinai.

A large series of scrapbooks, certificates, and plaques was received in July 2015. The certificates were removed from their frames for better storage. These are found in Oversize Box 1. Some items were discarded.

Aufses, Arthur H., Jr. (Arthur Harold)

Arthur Ludwig, MD papers

  • US AA054
  • Collection
  • 1950-1999

These papers represent a small portion of the work Dr. Ludwig was involved in during his career, focusing primarily on research he undertook in the 1950s. There is nothing here about his private practice. The files include grant applications and reports of research on connective tissue, which was under the direction of Paul Klemperer, MD, Director of Mount Sinai's Department of Pathology. There is also a folder of material that includes a letter from Norman Boas, MD about a research project they had begun that seems not to have been published. Of note are two slim notebooks where Dr. Ludwig recorded research data, as well as reviews of articles he had read on the topic. He inserted hand drawn charts and tables. They are an interesting example of how a clinician did research at this time.
Six photographs are included in this collection. The originals were scanned to create digital copies and were returned to Mrs. Ludwig. The photographs include four in a series from 1966 that show Dr. Ludwig meeting with house staff in the Department of Medicine, and then going on rounds in the Klingenstein Clinical Center. There are also shots of the First Medical Service staff in 1947 and the Second Medical Service house staff in 1943. Printouts of the scans are also filed in the Photograph Collection.

Ludwig, Arthur W.

Arthur Sohval, MD papers

  • US AA037
  • Collection
  • 1936-1981

This collection consists primarily of subject files maintained by Dr. Arthur Sohval on various disorders of the gonads. Most files contain Dr. Sohval's research notes alongside associated research material. Many files also contain draft manuscripts of Dr. Sohval's published articles. The research material in each file typically consists of annotated journal clippings, but it sometimes includes photographs (standard and microscopic), case histories, and correspondence with other physicians. Conditions represented include cryptorchidism, Klinefelter's syndrome, cell tumors, and various forms of intersexuality and gonadal dysgenesis. The collection also contains several files documenting Dr. Sohval's grant applications for his studies in electron microscopy of the gonads.

Sohval, Arthur R., 1904-1985

Barry Stimmel, MD papers

  • US AA069
  • Collection
  • 1969-2008

This collection reflects the span of Dr. Stimmel's efforts at Mount Sinai, from his work at the Narcotics Rehabilitation Center to his work with students as Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, to his later title of Dean of Graduate Medical Education.

Stimmel, Barry, 1939-

Benjamin Eliasoph, MD papers

  • US AA020
  • Collection
  • 1921-1970

This collection includes folders on Dr. Eliasoph's development of an early oxygen tent, 1921-1931, including correspondence with Good Year Rubber Co. and schematics for the tent; letter from Dr. Eliasoph (1970); slides and prints of schematics, etc. There is also one file of certificates presented to Dr. Eliasoph.

Eliasoph, Benjamin

Bernard E. Simon, MD awards

  • US AA124
  • Collection
  • 1978, 1987

This collection includes Dr. Simon's Jacobi Medallion (1978) from The Mount Sinai Alumni and a 50 Year Service Award from Mount Sinai (1987). Dr. Simon returned these items to the President's Office because he was angry at how the institution calculated years of service.

Simon, Bernard E.

Bernard Simon collection the Hiroshima Maidens

  • US AA059
  • Collection
  • 1954-1984

There is a small amount of material on the selection of the women for treatment including some pre-surgery photographs. There is also a folder of letters from some of the 'Maidens' and Japanese doctors involved.

Simon, Bernard E.

Biographical photograph collection

  • US AA151
  • Collection
  • 1890-2014

This artificial collection of photographs was assembled by the Arthur H. Aufses, Jr., MD Archives. It contains photographs, including head shots, candid photographs, and group photographs, of individuals associated with the Mount Sinai Health System.

Arthur H. Aufses, Jr., MD Archives

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