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Account books

Use for: Accounting journals, Accounting ledgers, Books of account, Journals, Accounting, Ledgers, Accounting

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Administrative records
  • Records that relate to budget, personnel, supply, and similar facilitative operations within an organization.
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Use for: Ads (Advertisements)

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Albums (books) (1)

Use for: Scrapbooks, Scrap albums, Scrap books, Souvenir albums

  • Books with blank pages that are used to collect, display, and preserve images, text, notated music, keepsakes, etc.
3 0
Annual reports

Use for: Reports, Annual, Reports, Yearly, Yearly reports

4 0
Architectural drawings 3 0
Art (2)

Use for: Art works, Artworks, Fine art, Fine arts, Visual art, Works of art

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Autochromes (photographs)

Use for: Autochromes

  • photographic transparencies
1 0
Biographies 2 0

Use for: MABs (Multi-author blogs), Multi-author blogs, Web logs, Weblogs

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