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Account books

Use for: Accounting journals, Accounting ledgers, Books of account, Journals, Accounting, Ledgers, Accounting

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Administrative records (2)
  • Records that relate to budget, personnel, supply, and similar facilitative operations within an organization.
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Use for: Ads (Advertisements)

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Albums (books) (1)

Use for: Scrapbooks, Scrap albums, Scrap books, Souvenir albums

  • Books with blank pages that are used to collect, display, and preserve images, text, notated music, keepsakes, etc.
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Annual reports

Use for: Reports, Annual, Reports, Yearly, Yearly reports

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Architectural drawings 4 0
Architectural models
  • Representations that visualize architectural projects in three dimensions, often including a representation of the surrounding site or context, and usually, but not necessarily, built to scale.
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Art (2)

Use for: Art works, Artworks, Fine art, Fine arts, Visual art, Works of art

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Use for: Article

  • Literary compositions prepared for publication as an independent portion of a magazine, newspaper, encyclopedia, or other work.
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Autochromes (photographs)

Use for: Autochromes

  • photographic transparencies
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Biographies 2 0

Use for: MABs (Multi-author blogs), Multi-author blogs, Web logs, Weblogs

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  • Labels affixed to a book to indicate ownership and often its location in a collection. They may be printed or engraved, frequently with a distinctive design, pasted or tipped into books on the inside of the upper cover.
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  • Items comprising a collection of leaves of paper, parchment, wood, stiffened textile, ivory, metal tablets, or other flat material, that are blank, written on, or printed, and are strung or bound together in a volume.
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Business correspondence 0 0
Buttons (information artifacts)
  • Ornaments or badges for wearing, as on a lapel, stamped or printed with designs or slogans.
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Use for: Casebook, Case books

  • Books containing records of cases illustrative of general principles or typifying significant situations; used for reference or instruction.
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Circulars (fliers)
  • Printed pieces such as notices or advertisements, usually in the form of single sheets or leaflets, intended for wide distribution to the general public. For similar pieces intended for distribution by hand and often doubling as posters, use "handbills."
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Clippings (information artifacts)

Use for: Clipping (information artifact)

  • Illustrations, pages, articles, or columns of text removed from books, newspapers, journals, or other printed sources and kept for their informational content.
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Collected works
  • All the writings of an author, including those which have not been printed previously, published in one volume or a number of volumes in a uniform style of binding, usually with an inclusive title.
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