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Board of Trustees, Office of the Treasurer (Schur)

These Treasurer's Office files contain records from the years 1948-1976. The bulk of this collection falls between 1960-1974, when Ira A. Schur was Treasurer.
The types of records in this collection are varied and numerous and they reveal the activities and priorities of the Treasurer's Office over this time. They include: minutes of Board of Trustee meetings and of various committees; correspondence with administration, faculty, other institutions, businesses, governmental agencies, lawyers, and many others; printed reports concerning various aspects of the Hospital; loan requests; employee agreements; and various budgetary reports.
The documentation reveals a few recurring themes. A large percentage of the records concern personnel management. Among the employee related material are: employee agreements and contracts; retirement agreements; data on retirement funds; tax annuity reports; private practice agreements; and comparative studies of executive benefits, perquisites, and salaries. Two sets of folders in the collection relate directly to employee benefit issues. The first contains the files of the Ad Hoc Committee for Executive Benefits, which existed from 1962-1970 to determine appropriate benefits for executive level personnel. They are found in folders labeled "Executive Insurance and Benefits." The second folder group contains the records of the Compensation Committee, which was formed in 1972 (the records continue to 1973) and had similar objectives to that of the previously mentioned Ad Hoc Committee. This second series is found in folders labeled "Compensation Committee."
There are several other subjects that recur in these files. Many documents relate to funds and fundraising, including records concerning funds for the then new Annenberg Building and School of Medicine. There are many documents relating to the tax status of corporations, house staff, executives, and other employees. Also found here is correspondence regarding the incorporation of The Mount Sinai Medical Center and name changes for Mount Sinai School of Medicine. In addition, as might be expected, there are data on expenses and supply costs.
Throughout the collection is correspondence with many prominent Mount Sinai individuals including Gustave Levy, Chairman of the Boards of Trustees; Martin Steinberg, MD, Director of The Mount Sinai Hospital from 1948 to 1969; Hans Popper, MD, Ph.D., Chairman of the Department of Pathology and President/Dean of Mount Sinai; Jack Herman, Director of Development; and S. David Pomrinse, MD, Director of The Mount Sinai Hospital from 1969 to 1977.
The Treasurer's Office hired outside consulting firms to perform many studies. Included in the collection are a compensation study completed by the Martin E. Segal Company (1973) and a Mount Sinai Medical Center report on tax shelter annuity programs conducted by S. B. Ackerman Associates (1973).
Ira A. Schur conducted the majority of his Treasurer's responsibilities from his office at S. D. Leidesdorf and Co. where he worked from 1916 until his retirement in 1969. However, there are many documents that reveal that he also conducted business at Mount Sinai and occasionally from his homes in Manhattan and Scarsdale, New York.
The files contained in this collection are of value for many reasons, one being the level of the office and its importance to the institution. Another aspect that brings value to these records is their relative completeness and comprehensiveness. An examination of these records provides an understanding of the evolution and workings of the Treasurer's Office.
It is difficult to say what gaps the collection may have since the records were not donated directly from the Treasurer's office and contain files only as recent as 1976. However, it is surprising that there is only minimal mention of issues regarding property and no information on banking or evidence of bank accounts and bill payments, which are all major responsibilities of the office. On the whole, the collection lacks budgetary data. Although it does contain some budgetary reports and financial statements, the majority of the collection is composed of day to day personnel and individually-focused issues.

Change Now: Creating a Climate for Change

  • This website, Change Now, is a platform at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai that provides students, faculty, and staff with updates regarding activities related to: addressing diversity, racism and bias, enhancing wellness and mental health, and aligning the very best of what our school has to offer with our national accreditation standards.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Early records of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine

This collection contains files created by senior Mount Sinai leaders who participated in the creation of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, including various early papers. Of particular note is a booklet by Mount Sinai Trustee Leonard Block called "Let us NOT sponsor a Medical School" [in 1961 Correspondence file]. Also included here are some of the foundational studies for the school, founding documents and policy statements. There are also files about how to create publicity for the new school. One effort was a film with Milton Eisenhower, President of Johns Hopkins University and brother of Dwight D. Eisenhower, as the narrator. The film describes why Mount Sinai would be a good place for a medical school. Copies of the film, "The Mount Sinai Story," are included in the Archives Visual Material Collection (VM 059). Also, an oversize site and programming report is stored on Q 7.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Hans Popper, MD, PhD papers

  • US AA042
  • Collection
  • 1941-1989

The bulk of the Hans Popper Papers consists of two alphabetically organized subject files (approx. 10 feet each.) The first dates primarily from his tenure as Director of Pathology at The Mount Sinai Hospital and Dean for Academic Affairs at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. It consists primarily of records related to the administration of the Hospital and School of Medicine. The second dates from the years following his retirement in 1973 and consists primarily of research notes and an extensive correspondence file. The third major record series contains 4 linear feet of material relating to Dr. Popper’s attendance at conferences, seminars and other events, mostly but not exclusively post-1973. In addition, the collection includes smaller series containing records from Popper’s tenure at Cook County Hospital, his appointment books and pocket diaries, the records of his service on the Mount Sinai Medical Board, and oversized and audiovisual materials.

Popper, Hans (Hans Philipp)

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

  • This website is for the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. It hosts many resources for students, including the student handbook, course catalog, and composite photographs of classes by degree. It also has a limited amount of material for faculty and staff, as well as postdocs.

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

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