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The Church of the Holy Communion collection

  • US AA102
  • Colección
  • 1854-1960

This is a small collection. Of particular significance are the two patient registers, or casebooks, of the Infirmary which report on the condition of the patients cared for there by the Sisterhood of the Holy Communion. The last page of the second volume refers to the transition to the new St. Luke’s Hospital in 1858. The collection also includes several historical sketches of the church, a program from the 90th anniversary service, a short biography of Anne Ayres, the first Sister, is included as well as a portrait of her, and pictures of the church building. (Note that these have been moved to the Archives Photograph Collection.) A Founders’ Day sermon from 1927 and a charming Christmas card from a Miss Roberts and Sister Anne are also found in the collection.

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