Clinical Excellence Committee records Inventory list

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B001.F003 Task Force A: Clinical Education Subcommittee--Minutes (Includes Medical Student and House Staff Education) File 10/25/74-9/1/76
B001.F004 Task Force A: Health Care System Subcommittee--Minutes File 12/15/75-2/9/76
B001.F007 Task Force A: Post-Graduate Education (Continuing Education) Subcommittee--Minutes File 4/30/75-9/21/76
B001.F011 Task Force B: Faculty Benefits Subcommittee--Minutes File 2/11/75-1/8/76
B001.F016 Task Force C: Curriculum/Teaching Evaluation Subcommittee--Minutes File 10/9/74-5/1/75
B002.F001 Report: Abstract: Future Plan of Action and Summary of Recommendations File 6/1/1977
Planning for Change at Mount Sinai: Future Plan of Action and Summary of Recommendations of the Clinical Excellence Committee Item 1977-06-01 View
B002.F003 Report: Planning for Change at Mount Sinai File 6/1/1977
B001.F002 Task Force A-Minutes & Sub-Committee Charges File 9/11/74-6/23/76
B001.F008 Task Force A: Primary Care Subcommittee--Minutes File 1/8/75-3/25/75
B001.F012 Task Force B: Medical Service Plan Subcommittee--Minutes File 10/1/74-5/12/76
B001.F014 Task Force C--Minutes File 9/11/74-1/28/76
B001.F015 Task Force C: Clinical Evaluation Subcommittee--Minutes; Report File 10/9/74-1/29/75
B001.F017 Task Force C: Research and Program Evaluation Subcommittee, Minutes File 10/2/74-1/14/76
B001.F020 Task Forces A/B/C: Academic Advancement Subcommittee-- Minutes; Report File 2/4/75-5/26/76
B001.F001 Clinical Excellence Committee--Minutes Membership Lists; Summary of Recommendations File 3/20/74-9/15/76
B001.F005 Task Force A: Health Policy Subcommittee--Minutes File 6/14/1976
B001.F006 Task Force A: Patient Population Subcommittee--Minutes (incomplete). File 10/30/75-4/29/76
B001.F009 Task Force A: Research Subcommittee--Minutes; Report File 10/22/74- 5/30/75
B001.F010 Task Force B--Minutes File 9/11/74-6/9/76
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